Top 7 Methods to Make Your Vaping Experience More Enjoyable

As the electronic cigarette and vape culture starts to take over the traditional cigarette sector, many ex-tobacco cigarette users switch to vaping as a preferred means of enjoying nicotine. Many specialists advise users that vaping is preferable to smoking tobacco because it only consists of nicotine and vapor. Most individuals who are new to the culture start vaping in the same way they used to smoke. However, this isn’t always the most distinctive approach to get the most out of your e-cigarette or vape. Below are the seven best and preferred appropriate vaping methods to make your vaping experience more enjoyable. 

  1. Invest in Quality E-juices

It’s all about the flavors when it comes to vaping. If you use a low-quality e-juice, you won’t enjoy the vaping experience regardless of whether you have various modern e-cigarettes. Generally, inexpensive e-liquids are available; however, they are unlikely to offer your favorite flavor hit as they have a thinner carrier juice, and the taste is mediocre. Some low-cost e-liquids also comprise harmful chemicals. Invest in high-quality e-liquid on vape shop charlotte nc to get the most out of your vaping experience. Numerous online vape stores sell high-quality e-juices, and although the cost of high-quality e-juices may be higher, buying in bulk will reduce the cost.

  1. Clean the Tank and Coil When Switching Vape Flavors

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To avoid an undesirable and unusual flavor combination, clean the tank and coil of the e-cigarette every time you want to switch flavors. It’s worth noting that some tastes tend to combine and create a tasty concoction, hence why some vapers enjoy trying out different flavors by combining them. Nonetheless, it’s a good idea to clean the gadget to eliminate any old tastes that might be remaining as you try new ones. Furthermore, regularly cleaning e-cigarettes is an essential aspect of their maintenance.

One issue that can spoil your vaping experience is the vaper’s tongue. It is the sensation a vaper has after consuming the same e-liquid for an extended period. Vaper’s tongue might hinder you from trying a different taste, and though it may appear to be frightening, it is not. Trying various flavors and drinking lots of water are two simple ways to tackle this problem, as dehydration can aggravate the condition.

  1. Avoid Plastic Tanks

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You might wish to buy a cheap electronic cigarette to save cash; however, an e-cigarette with a plastic tank is not a good choice. Plastic tanks constitute specific vape starting packs, but a plastic vape tank may not be strong enough to withstand acidic flavors. It’s especially crucial to avoid e-cigarettes with plastic tanks if you intend to use intense citrus or menthol flavors. This is because such flavors get easily absorbed by plastic colors and can alter your e-liquid’s taste. Therefore, if you like more robust flavors, glass tanks are the way to go.

  1. Be Conversant With PG/VG Vaping Ratio

You should spend your money on the best e-cigarette and e-liquid to make your vaping experience better. When it comes to vaping liquids, though, knowing your PG/VG ratio is crucial. For a vaper who desires thick, dense clouds, e-liquids with a high VG level are suitable. A vaper who wants a profound throat impact without producing clouds should opt for an e-liquid with a low VG. It’s better to have a higher VG ratio for your safety or fewer allergic reactions since a  higher VG ratio doesn’t have a powerful throat impact and has a sweeter flavor.

  1. Manage Your E-juice Properly

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Start each vape session by shaking your e-liquid a little to mix the contents before replenishing the vape tank, as this can make a big difference in your vaping experience. Furthermore, do not leave the bottle with the vape liquid open because exposing the liquid to air weakens its potent flavor.

It’s also crucial to keep your e-juice out of direct light because vape liquid quickly degrades when exposed to direct sunlight. As a measure, ensure any unused e-juice is stored in an airtight container and placed in a cardboard carton. You can also prevent it from degrading by placing your e-liquid in a dark cabinet.

  1. . Keep Your Electronic Cigarette Away from Water

A crucial point to remember when you go to the beach or swim is to ensure your vape device doesn’t contact water while in use. Make sure your vape device is dry since moisture can destroy your device and disrupt your vaping experience. Therefore, keep your device in a waterproof bag or sealed plastic bag when going to locations where your device may get into contact with moisture.

  1. Inspect the Electronic Cigarette Battery Frequently

If the e-cigarette battery fails to work as intended, you won’t have an enjoyable vaping experience. Thus, inspect the electronic cigarette battery for e-liquid gunk frequently. To do so, you have to detach it from the atomizer, then use a clean cloth to wipe the gunk away before fastening it back into position.


It’s also essential to practice vaping when you have enjoyable moments like partying with friends or relaxing. Purchase an electronic cigarette, sit back, and have a satisfying vaping experience while following the above tips.

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