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One of the most talked-about products in recent years in the market is CBD. CBD, or cannabidiol, is a chemical compound that is found naturally in the hemp plant, and its use has proven to have several medicinal benefits. Whether it is anxiety, stress, arthritis, or even mild epilepsy, CBD has anti-inflammatory and therapeutic properties that help relieve pain and aid the release of the “happy chemicals” in the brain. Another compound of the hemp plant is THC, which causes psychoactive feelings or the “high” you get after ingesting marijuana. While most CBD products available in the market contain very small amounts of CBD, increased use of those products can still create the psychoactive side effects.

This is why CBD strains are established. CBD strains allow consumers to benefit from the use of CBD in large amounts without risking the onset of the psychoactive effects. The strains that are high in CBD are highly beneficial in the medicinal world, while the high THC strains are restricted to recreational purposes only. 

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