What is Cookies CBD Gelatti Strain?

Cookies CBD Gelatti strain is gaining new heights of popularity, and their demand is increasing day by day in the cannabis community. Gelatti is an exceptional and balanced hybrid strain. It is fifty percent indica while fifty percent Sativa. In fact, it is the cross of the appetizing Gelato and South Florida OG Biscotti strains.  Gelatti is perfect to create a hybrid flavor, and you can enjoy a new mixed flavor.   Sweet and sour fruity berry this CBD product is high with a touch of sharp menthol aroma with a gassy pungency touch.

 How Does The Cookies CBD Gelatti Strain Taste?

It is a light green color and looks like big, dense glacial nugs. The aroma has a strong menthol, OG gassy smell, but you can feel a hint of sweet gelato aroma at the end. You’ will feel the taste of menthol, OG smell, with the mixture of classic gelato at the end. It is very famous among the cannabis community due to taste and its amazing benefits. Once you taste it, then you may not like CBD in any other form due to its hybrid taste.

 Effects of Cookies CBD Gelatti

Some effects of cookies CBD Gelatti are mentioned below:

  • Euphoria

If you take Cookies CBD Gelatti, it settles in almost as soon as you exhale. You also exhale all your worries, and your mind achieves euphoria that leaves you feeling energized and focused. You feel more relaxed and energized. Uplift yourself with Cookies CBD Gelatti.

  • Enhance Mental Clarity and Creativity

Cookies CBD Gelatti is not only deliciously flavored but also maintains the state of happiness on ingesting. You’ll feel an influx of creativity and mental clarity that’s perfect for jumping on your to-do list.  If you feel burnout and need something to relax, then cookies CBD Gelatti is the best option.

  • Increased Appetite

It can increase your appetite, and sometimes you can feel A sharp pang of hunger. You can snack on anything which is next to you. You need something to eat immediately.  Due to this characteristic, Gelatti is also used to treat medical conditions like ADD or ADHD. People suffering from the loss of appetite are also given this cookies CBD strain to increase their appetite.  To treat medical conditions, a doctor can prescribe the exact dose of this CBD produce and how to take it.

  • Relieves You from Chronic Stress

If you are suffering chronic stress, then these cookies CBD gelatti strain products are great for you. You can relive your stress within no time. It not only relieves your stress and anxiety but also provides you peace of mind. You forget all your worries and feel better. You can even control your mood swings too. You have been tired due to a hectic life routine, then cookies CBD Gelatti come to rescue you.

Final Words

Undoubtedly Cookies CBD Gelatti is aromatic and flavorful. You can ask from the cannabis community how much they love this product. It gives a thick mouthful feel that coats your senses, and you feel happy, elevated, and more relaxed.

A Cookies Original Unreleased.

Gelato x South Florida OG

Tasting Notes
Aroma: OG, gassy menthol.
Taste: OG, gelato.

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