Everything About Vape Juice and E-Liquids

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Over the last couple of years, vaping grew in popularity and is widely used. It’s very likely you already saw numerous people vaping in public.

Vaping is much more than looking cool while producing big clouds of vapor, and it comes with an impressive set of benefits, especially when compared to smoking. Because of that, many people decide to implement vaping as their daily routine and enjoy this tastier and healthier alternative.

In this article, you can find further information regarding flavors, PG and VG liquids, nicotine strength, price range, proper storage, and a helpful FAQ. So, make sure you tune in.

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  1. Flavors

Something that certainly makes vape juices unique is the wide selection and countless flavors you can enjoy and experiment with. When it comes to choosing weed vaporizer, it all comes down to personal preference.

For instance, smokers who take vaping as a healthier alternative might enjoy traditional tobacco flavors the most. Other favorites are fruity, herbal, and sweet flavors. Over time, the craft of producing a delicious flavor became more successful, and as a result, today, the public can enjoy a wide variety of delightful options.

Refresh yourself with a cocktail blend with a cooling effect, or choose a mouth-watering dessert if you have a sweet tooth. Moreover, experienced vapers can mix and match more flavors to create their perfect blend.

  1. PG and VG liquids

Propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) are two of the four main ingredients each vape juice is made of, next to the flavoring and the optional nicotine. But, what purpose do PG and VG serve in vape juices?

PG is responsible for carrying the flavor of your liquid, and its thin consistency makes PG easy to vaporize. The amount of PG also dictates the “throat hit” well-known to traditional cigarette smokers.

Whereas VG is responsible for different things in an e-juice. It’s a liquid of thick consistency and sweet flavor accountable for vapor production, ideal for all cloud-chasers.

As already mentioned, each vape juice has both PG and VG in it. However, the PG/VG ratio you’ll search for depends on your needs, preferences, as well as the vape device. Some popular blends are 50VG:50PG for a strong throat hit and 70VG:30PG for high vapor production.

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  1. Nicotine strength

In addition to the PG and VG ratio, nicotine also determines how strong your vape liquid is. Since nicotine is one of the primary ingredients of conventional cigarettes, the nicotine strength in e-liquids depends on how much nicotine you’re used to taking.

For social smokers who smoke a couple of times per week, 3mg of nicotine is more than enough. Light smokers don’t consume more than ten cigarettes per day, and vape liquids with 6mg of nicotine will give them the low nicotine buzz they’re craving.

An average smoker consumes up to a pack of cigarettes each day, so they’ll need 12mg of nicotine to satisfy their needs. Finally, heavy smokers who consume an entire pack of cigarettes or more should go for 18mg of nicotine in their vape juices.

For non-smokers who just enjoy the flavor and clouds from vaping, there is a wide selection of nicotine-free options.

  1. Price

A great thing about vaping is that it meets any budget requirements. Whether you’re looking for a low-cost alternative for cigarettes or a premium and luxury experience, you can find it all with e-juices. This doesn’t mean affordable e-liquids are cheap quality or that premium ones are the best.

The price is often the result of numerous factors, including the brand’s popularity, reputation, and marketing. The best thing to do is calculate how much you want to pay for your vape liquids and search for brands in that price range.

An average 10ml bottle costs anywhere between $5 and $10. However, you can find excellent products for a lower and higher price.

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  1. Storage

Properly storing your products is the key to long-lasting juices with excellent properties. Always store your vape cartridges in an upright position to prevent any leakage or spillage. Moreover, since the liquids contain organic components, keeping them away from light, heat, and air will ensure your juices remain fresh and tasty.

There are many cartridge containers available on the market nowadays, but a simple solution is to store your liquids in a freezer until you decide to use them.

Inadequate storage can lead to your liquids going bad. They start to taste and smell sour, which can completely ruin your vaping pleasure and experience. 


All in all, here, you can find the basic information about vape liquids you need to know before embarking on your vaping journey. This way, you’ll learn everything to get started with vaping and easily avoid the most common rookie mistakes.

With time and regular use, you’ll find more valuable tips and tricks and create personal habits to make vaping even more enjoyable. Until then, this article is all you need to get started.

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