about cookies cbd

About cookies CBD

Cookies CBD began with two visionary founders: grow expert Jai, and entrepreneur Berner, whose GSC (formerly Girl Scout Cookies) strain remains one of the most sought-after cannabis strains in the world. From the earliest days in a San Francisco garage to global growth, our goal has remained the same: authenticity and innovative genetics.

We take pride in our in-house cultivation, global varieties, and a full lineup of strain-specific products not leaving out returns on all purchases. Cookies is a lifestyle. Join the community as we take it worldwide. Why not try some of our Cookies CBD products, make your cart useful. We usually recommend the Cookies CBD cereal milk vape pen though most people go for the Gelatti Strain.

Talking about CBD in general, the general public demand usually go in for the night caps gel. This is a sleeping night cap which is usually taken to help alleviate cold night time temperatures. People also gave reviews on the night caps gel helping them out with insomnia making them sleep like babies, read more about night caps gel here.

CBD is a chemical compound found in the hemp plant that is extracted and added to various different products to avail of the various medicinal benefits of it. The hemp plant also contains a compound called THC, which is what causes the psychoactive effects after the use of marijuana. In order to highlight the benefits of CBD and reduce the concentration of THC in CBD products, high CBD strains are developed. CBD has a variety of benefits for the human body ranging from reducing stress and anxiety to arthritic pain relief and prevention of epileptic seizures. Therefore, the increased use of CBD without increased the amount of THC in your diet is achieved by high CBD strains. High THC strains are also available for use, but they are strictly restricted to recreational use because of the high psychoactive effects.

When it comes to CBD strains, Cookies CBD is one of the most reputable and popular global brands that promise the most innovative and authentic CBD strains. One of the best amongst our three signature CBD strains is Cookies CBD Cereal Milk.