6 Ways to Select Right Vape Device

When first starting out with vaping, selecting from the vast array of types and styles of vape tools available is often daunting. Vaping is a fantastic way to quit tobacco cigarettes and is generally considered a better alternative to cigarettes. Given today’s high cigarette prices, it may also save you money over the long term. However, it is barely as simple as buying the newest and best mod and some e-liquid. The initial cost can be pretty high, and you’ll need to determine how much nicotine your body requires. This article seeks to assist you in evaluating your desires to help make the task of choosing the most suitable device as smooth as possible.

Electronic Cigarettes

The typical e-cigarette consists of two parts: the cartridge and the battery. The cartridges contain e-liquids and resistance within them. So, when the battery is turned on, the resistance generates heat, turning the e-juice into vapor; consumers are after this vapor. Look up online stores for cheap e-liquid deals.

Box Mods

Box mods are perhaps the most potent and advanced gadgets in the marketplace. You’ve probably seen users blowing big clouds with this device. Aside from the device’s shape, box mods include additional battery life and innovative capabilities that allow you to customize your vape experience.

Pod Mod

Pod mods are the most modern devices to gain traction inside the vaping sector. They are low-wattage gadgets that work with e-liquids and look like an e-cig.

Process of Choosing the Right Vape Device

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Here are few pointers you may keep in mind before buying the product that’s right for you.

  1. Design

Vape pens feature a long and narrow design, with others possessing a simplistic one-button layout. Box modes give vapers the option of attaching their preferred sub-ohm tanks to their devices. Pod mods have easily replaceable pods filled with e-juice, eliminating the need to carry e-liquid bottles around.


  • The one-button layout offers user-friendliness
  • Replaceable pods offer convenience
  • Box mods provide users flexibility


  • Vape pen needs refill often
  1. Taste of The E-juice

Vape liquid is among the essential factors. Which flavor should one choose? There are numerous choices, including chewing gum, coffee, fruit, menthol, and so on. Vape pens are suited to any e-juice flavors. Some of the most audacious flavors and collections of vape can only be found in Doozy Vape, which are fitted onto box mods. With pod mods, you’ll miss out on some of the delicious flavors available.


  • Vape pens work with juices of all flavors
  • Box mods offer audacious flavors


  • Pod mods have limited flavor options
  • Pod mods produce less cloud
  1. The Quality

When you’re ready to purchase a vaping product, it’s always a good idea to assess quality and price. It would be best to discuss with your colleagues and friends to determine the best option to suit your requirements and budget. There are quality vape pens in the market; however, there have been instances of some exploding due to battery issues. Box mods also pack high-tech features and require learning to use the device properly.


  • Quality vape pens are available at affordable prices
  • Box mods pack high tech features


  • Some vape pens have battery issues that cause explosions
  • The box mod is not ideal for beginners as it requires learning

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  1. Presence of Nicotine

Another frequently asked question concerns the amount of nicotine required by each person to appreciate their e-cigarette experience fully. To figure out how much nicotine you need, use this easy scale: A nicotine dose of 24 mg for regularly smoking people. Pod mods use high nicotine salt e-liquids, while nicotine’s strength in vape pens ranges from 0, 3, 6, and 12 mg.


  • Vape pens offer 0, 3, 6, and 12mg nicotine options
  • High nicotine salt e-liquids provide a smoke-like experience


  • Pod mods produce less cloud
  1. Resistance and Battery Size

When you push the button on your vape before inhaling, the battery supplies the energy required to heat the reservoir’s resistance, prompting the e-juice to evaporate. Once the vapor passes via the throat, it gives the feeling of smoke flowing like a typical cigarette.

E-cigarette’s battery exists in a variety of load capacities and sizes. 650mAh, 900mAh, and 1100mAh. Box mods have better battery life and frequently deliver variable wattage. Pod mods, on the other hand, have a poor battery life


  • Box mods have a good battery life


  1. Portability

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Vape pens are slim and light, thus easily portable because they can fit anywhere. Box mods are significantly bigger hence are not pocket-friendly, while pod mods are ultra-portable.


  • A vape pen is user friendly
  • Vape pen and pod mods are portable


  • Box mods are big hence less portable


It’s critical to understand the different options provided by these gadgets to help you make that decision confidently. As a result, select the vape gadget that best suits your needs.

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